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Filming in Wales

Boasting some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK, there really is no place like Wales.

Choose from many locations, whether it be a malleable event space or a vibrant eatery, that display these breath-taking vistas.


A Magical Setting

Many productions, both big and small, have opted to tell their stories via the historical, awe-inspiring region of Wales.

The assortment on stunning National Parks, perhaps most notably Snowdonia National Park, have hosted some of the biggest and immersive productions of the last century.

Many Bond films, starting with From Russia With Love in 1963, have borrowed the Welsh countryside to set the scene for some of the franchise's most treasured moments. Similarly, fantastical epics like the Harry Potter series, King Arthur, and Snow White and the Huntsman, have all shot in The Land of Castles.

The country is also home to many indoor locations and spaces that could serve as the perfect backdrop to your next project.